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Davis Diley is an ASC Professional Heavyweight Strongman and an Experienced Physique & Strength Coach. He's a lifetime drug-free athlete, and resides in South Florida. He has always had a passion for sports. In high school he played football as a First Team All-District Defensive End. He was one of two permanent captains on the team. He also played lacrosse for 6 years as the starting face-off midfielder. During his time training for these sports he found a deep-rooted passion for weightlifting. ​After graduating high school, he passed on the opportunity to play college football, and shifted his entire focus to where his passions lay; to become as strong as humanly possible.

The pursuit of strength led him to find the sport of Strongman. A sport defined by moving seemingly immovable objects. It's an intense battle of strength between the biggest and strongest men on the planet.

After years competing in strongman, he's since retired & has dedicated his life to helping as many individuals achieve the body they've always wanted. Davis understands what it means to have a goal. He'll help you get there.

-  Worked regularly with individuals of the  Florida Atlantic University Strength Lab headed by Dr. Mike Zourdos (Pioneering scientist of DUP)

-  Davis achieved an 805lb deadlift and an ASC HW Pro Card at 24 years old


-  Deadlifted 821lbs on his 25th birthday


-  Height: 5' 11"

-  Weight: 205 lbs

Davis Diley Weightloss
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